Recording instructions

Recording the time points is a simple task and normally does not need a cameraman, however – small things done wrong can have a massive impact for personal videos.

  • Camera(s) must record in FullHD format (EU 25 or 50fps PAL, USA 30 or 60fps NTSC) from the first to the last participant who pass the time point and/or finish line.
  • Time (hh:mm:ss) must be shown to the camera after it starts recording. Use from mobile phone. This helps to sync videos later. In case camera stops recording (empty battery, memory card change), time must be shown again.
  • Camera must record local audio.

Camera setup: set the camera right after the timing line (timing line should be visible). Close enough that participant is visible, far enough that it is not on the track.

In case of finish line: When possible use (at least) 2 cameras at the finish line – personal video will be more interesting. Install one camera few meters and second one 7-15 meters after the finish. GoPro cameras always closer than others. In case of GoPro (or any other action cam) please use GoPro app to see the frame that it is recording.


  • memory card (enough room to save, 32-128 GB depending the time from first to last).
  • battery (connect battery back or use local electricity).

Additional video material: personal video will be more interesting when there is some additional material – mass start to show the scale of the event, drone clips etc.

Additional material:

  • send a link to the event webpage and on HQ picture for search page.
  • send logos and other info that you want to see on the video.